“True Value of one’s life can be measured if the person is able to make a significant difference in someone’s life.”

In this smart world full of connected devices and technologies where you can get everything by just pressing a button on the keyboard.

Do you want to eradicate poverty but you are a busy person with a full fledged schedule? Then this is for you.

The Digital Wall of kindness will work people. It will provide you a chance to perform an act of kindness by giving people an opportunity to acquire a change in society through donating anything they desire to give away to the ones out of resources .

Happiness is just a click away .

Circles of Amal Academy’s batch B176 are assigned a mega project in which they are free to think out of the box to do any Startup or Social Work .Circle 5 , consists of 9 memebers, after brainstorming decided to surf their energies in bringing ease in people’s life.Their Mega Project is about creating an online platform for collecting donations from the people who are willing to help others from their homes. It happens to most of us that we have a lot of old things like clothes, books, furniture that aren’t in our use anymore but someone else can benefit from them. But we are reluctant in many cases to give them out as charity. “Digital Wall of Kindness” aims to bridge this gap between the donors and their respective needy recipients by providing a digital platform where donors can easily contact us about the things they want to donate and we will take the responsibility to deliver their donated entities to the deserving ones.

create a hype on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp while buildingFor this idea to succeed and become popular among the common people we require to an unbreakable trust among the donors. We plan to achieve this goal by dividing it into 3 main targets.


Our first target is to create, publish and maintain an official website of DWK which will include the information like:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • What are our mission, vision and values?
  • What’s our working strategy?
  • How do you contact us?
  • What are our achievements?

All the circle members were divided different sections of the website and to come up with content that would answer the above questions. After lots of hard work, group discussions and content refinement over the last 10 days, the content and layout of the website is finally ready. (about the developer)

TARGET#2- Active Social Media Appearance.

Till now we have an active Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Give-4-Good-105925828126122 and Instagram account https://instagram.com/give4good176?igshid=1idb44diajkc0 which we set up over a week ago. It is assigned to a content writers and video editors and designer,in our team ,to maintain DWK’s activities on social media on a daily basis while all the members will promote the page actively and passively as much as possible to increase our reach. It is also this week’s target to come up with an introductory video about Digital Wall of Kindness that will better explain what we do and how we plan to do it.

This social outreach is extremely important because we initially plan to connect to the donors through social media. We aim to increase our followers by a great number by the end of this week . We hope that by that time few donors would have reached us already. Meanwhile we will be asking the public to fill out Google survey “https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevQlpzp4OfK26NVzEJWaA4VWju5t4ArpUJRflzlzjCIhpWxg/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&flr=0"& HYPERLINK forms as we are always open up for suggestions #GrowthMindset

TARGET#3- Donation Drives

We plan to take out one day(Saturday) in a week to collect all the donations that have approached us through social media (pictures or videos of charitable items as evidence) and donate them to the deserving individuals or welfare organizations. We aim to carry out our first donation drive in the next week on Monady, 25 January 2021.

This is our overall working strategy for now. It will be updated after observing the next two weeks’ progress. All of this might sound easy but trust me its not. We had to face a lot of problems and are still facing in the execution of our plan.


Website Development

At first, designing and developing a website is not an easy task. It’s time taking and a very detail-oriented process. Moreover, most of us lacked the basic knowledge of web development. So as a solution we reached out to a fellow’s sister named as Mahrukh .She is a professional developer and working under the supervision of our team member Mohammad Basit.

Transportation or Delievery

Transportation of the donated goods to the deserving recipients is also a big challenge for us as we are working as a non-profit organization, so we are not getting any revenue to cover up for the transportation expenses. Hence, once DWK has maintained a good social image then we can easily ask for funds through online fund-raising drives. This will compensate for the transportation expenses too.

Legality’s Issue

As right now we are not recognised by people, nor registered by the government and we do not have any leagl authority to run it .So we are facing an issue of generating an account in bank for donations.

So, in a nutshell, our plan for the next two weeks to fulfill the above mentioned three targets. The plan is devised on the basis of task’s urgency and importance followed by a strict timeline.

Helping others is a way we help ourselves .Orphan Winfre

Team’s Feedback

The Mega Project is indeed a hefty task to accomplish. It was extremely challenging and nerve wracking experience to date.but the golden Principles of Amal have proved to be our execution drivers. It was not possible to come up with a distinguished welfare project like this and standing firm by it if it wasn’t for the Khudi (pure intentions) of each of circle 5’s members. Our team work reflects the power of #EkAurEkGiyara as united we stand and divided we fall. Now our Amal (actions) are driven by the moto of Kam Kam Kam. Circle 5 believes that nothing is impossible and hard work surely pays off one day!We believe the potential to have a good impact on our society .

Its better to donate than accumuate.